What a relief!

My publisher and I had a bit of a talk, and War Mage has been pushed to December. It seems to have taken a big weight off my shoulders, and I did do a little bit of writing on it yesterday.  I think I’m going to write out the first draft, see how long it is, and if it’s not long enough, then combine it with the The Dark Prison, so War Mage will end up being a stand-alone.

I have a calendar for my appearances on my website, both the Grimaulkin and Dark Mystic Quill sites.

My podcast is going to be late. I’ve been feeling under the weather this past week, and can’t seem to write out what I want to discuss. I’m not good enough to wing it yet, so I have to write down what I’m going to say.

Water is expected to come out on August 15. There will be an omnibus called Water, and then novellas of the different water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The prologue is a freebie (there’s no sex in that). What’s next, I think, is going to be Earth. That will be next year…maybe May (around Taurus). Grimaulkin Tempted is in stasis while I concentrate on War Mage, though the muse really wants to write Grimaulkin Tempted.