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Podcast live; Books on order

My podcast is live, on 

My books for Grimaulkin are now on order, and should be coming in by June 15. Hardcovers are $24.95, trade paperbacks are $14.95.

I’ve added another date, July 1, at the North Scituate Farmer’s Market. Other dates may show up as available (usually on a one-day notice), so watch Twitter or Facebook for updates.

I’m working on War Mage. Damn if I don’t get that book up and running soon. With the Revise Your Novel class I’m taking, I’m getting a lot of ideas. I know now what to pull out, what makes no sense, and why it looks like a Frankenstein monster. I’ve explained nothing about the world, explained nothing about Brent’s knack (either in the book previous or this one). This book has no plot. Well, it will by the time I finish rewriting it. Because, as usual, I start with a murder.



Finished the final proof of Grimaulkin, so it should be in my hot little hands on or about June 1, ready for launch date!

Unfortunately, the only local place I’ll be attending is the Richmond Marketplace on July 29.

Got the cover art for Grimaulkin’s short story–it’s perfect.

Now I’ve got nothing. I’ve been plowing through War Mage to try and figure it out. I’ve gotten a few ideas that I wrote down, but I have to rewrite this wreck of a book.  Every time I read it, I just want to toss it out and start again. but I have to go through this class (I’m on week 6 for two weeks now).


Major and minor surgery

I’ve just finished Grimaulkin’s short, “Self Defense” and sent it to the editor. It’s a first draft, rife with errors probably, but hopefully will be an interesting part of Mike’s backstory.

I’m looking into getting into Necronomicon, the H.P. Lovecraft convention in Providence, RI in August. I’m probably a little too soft-core for that crowd, since my demons don’t look like the horrible things that Lovecraft fans get into.

Right now, pickings are pretty slim in the direct sales department. Hardly any venues this year. Or I’m being choosy because I’m poor.

I am two weeks behind on the surgery with War Mage. I am presently going through my manuscript (for the fourth time) and picking out each and every character, trying to decide if I over-described them or under-described them, and whether they need to stick around. The good thing is I’m getting great ideas for a rewrite. The bad thing is I have to plow through these exercises to clarify how I want to rewrite. I’m giving myself until August 1 to get this revision finished. With Grimaulkin half way in the can, I can concentrate on revising War Mage.

I also did some work on (mostly staring into space and thinking) Grimaulkin Tempted, the second book in Grimaulkin’s series. I stopped that cold when Grimaulkin came back, and it’s been about a month since I touched it. I’m too afraid to open it, because after working on it in my head, I’ve realized a lot of plot holes and tension-breakers. It’s not even a first draft; it’s more like a half-draft. I have to go in and fix those things before continuing on with what I’ve written so far.

Water is at the editor’s. As soon as that one comes back, I’ll put everything else on hold again and work on that. The next series, I believe, will be the Earth signs of Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus. Capricorn I have to do some research on; Virgo is going to be my friend Casey Donovan; and Taurus, well…I don’t know yet. But I have plenty of time. Maybe I’ll do a NaNo on him.

Grimaulkin…soon, very soon.

Ok, so the podcast didn’t drop. Technical difficulties that I can’t figure out. GarageBand has changed its format, so it no longer does podcasts, and my RSS feed has to have artwork, which I don’t have access to.

However, the good news is I got my second edits for Grimaulkin this Thursday and turned it around 3 days. I just sent it back today.

War Mage is still under surgery.

On July 29, I’ll be at a book signing in Richmond, RI. Hopefully I can figure out how to set up the canopy tent I bought.  I won’t be at the Big E unfortunately (in a way, I’m glad I’m not, because it’ll cost me oodles of money).

I gave one of my books away yesterday. It was bent and unsellable, and was one of the ten books that was cut too close on one side. So I would have pitched it anyway. Might as well give it to someone who would enjoy it. I just asked her to review it on Amazon for me. Sometimes you have to give things up in order to get something back.