Monthly Archives: July 2014

What’s next

I did it.  I wrote trash.

Once I got beyond it though, there were some interesting tidbits after it.  A full-length story. I might lengthen it and make it a real story.

However, now I’m stuck on a character.  I was going through all my old characters to find stories based on them, and now I have Luther, who is a tough guy to write a story on since he’s from a different world entirely.

I’m not sure I want to go back to that world, because looking at it now, it’s so lame compared to George R. R. Martin.  I’m tempted to change Taurin from a she to a he, but that would cause way too much turmoil because most of the book is about how she has to handle the fact that she’s a girl and supposed to be the true ruler of North Hampshire; that the king and queen are just keepers until she shows up.

Taurin is also a bad name, because World of Warcraft uses it for their minotaur-like creatures.  So I have to come up with something else cool.

Maybe the story of how Luther lost his sight.  I wrote it out once, a long time ago; maybe it’s time to revisit it.

I can’t write garbage.


I look at my characters, and I want to write stories on each one of them.  However I also want to write fan fiction of the novel I’m reading (it’s pretty badly written, to tell you the truth, but I like the world it takes place in).  So, you know what I hate?  Badly written stories when I know I can write better than that, so why the hell is my book not among the ones that are put out for sale by Amazon?  I will admit Grim’s story needed polishing and consolidating.  Still does.

I want to write, the muse is there, but I can’t think of things.  I have the car running and full of gas, but no destination.  I don’t like going ambling when it comes to writing.  I have fans.  People who read this for a reason.

I can’t write garbage.

I can’t write stories about people that nobody cares about.

I can’t write stories with no conflict.

Who am I kidding?  I should just write it, preface it with “So this is what the characters that I’m not playing are doing…”

Yeah.  Maybe I’ll do that.

The Marathon

Fourth of July.  Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

My plan: I’ll do about 8 hours’ of work during those 3 days, and then…I’m going to write.

I’m going to write my 3 pages required per day.  I’ll work 4 hours a day.  Then the other 4-6 hours, my plan is to write.

I’m going to tackle Grim’s rewrite again.  Tam I’m going to put aside.  I read a couple of books and got a couple of good ideas for Tam, but I’m not going to use them just yet.

Grim is more my speed – it’s a linear story, not introducing side stories in between.

We’ll see if I can go 10K words this weekend.