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Homecoming – Wide!

Homecoming is finally out!  And amazingly enough, it’s not just on Amazon!

It’s on Kobo, and Amazon, and Smashwords, and Lulu, and iTunes and Nook!  Soon it’ll be a print version.

Go here to buy the book!

I’m so excited. You can’t know how excited I am. To be an actual, real, published author.  Who’s sold 4 copies of the book already (which is more than Grimaulkin sold in its entire year-long existence). We’ll cut the price at some point, run some sales, try and get Bookpub to run an ad at .99 (after the second book comes out)…Marketing strategies, doncha know.

I’ve done some editing on War Mage, but it seems that I’ve had to rewrite the entire thing. I’m a little under half-way through and have had to do some extensive rewrites. Almost all the pages have markups on them. That’s because book one has certain things that I need to keep consistent, now that it’s engraved in stone.

And I was going to do a book 3. I have no idea of the title. I know a little bit, like a skeleton of a plot idea, but nothing huge or final. I was thinking of adding it to this book instead. Once I get through this rewrite, I’ll see how many words I have and whether another 20-30K words will help or hurt it.

After War Mage, I might work on the extensive rewrite of my magnum opus, Grimaulkin. I also might do my 3 short memoirs (or combine them into one book). My personal publishing plan is:

War Mage (Spring)
Something? Blood from a Stone?(Summer)
Grimaulkin (Fall)

I was going to have Iron Butterfly in there somewhere, but for the life of me I can’t write the formulaic “romance novel”. It’s not the “happily ever after” part. It’s not the “helpless heroine” part. It’s the “girl + boy” part. I would bring them together, then the guy would do something to tear them apart. I don’t have a problem with fated love between guys. Call me crazy. I have the paperwork to prove it.