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Now Write! Sherry Ellis, ed.

This is a series of books that have exercises in them for writers.  I will admit, at first, I was skeptical, but some of the exercises I think I’ll be able to use.  I know this book I will be able to use.

A couple of the exercises I like are “The Collage” and “The Wedding Cake”.  I tried those and enjoyed them immensely.  I did have a writing notebook that I kept beside me where ever I had a table, but when NaNo started, I had just one notebook and kept that with me.  In that notebook I would have the summary of what I did the day before, so that if I had a chance to sit down and write in it, I could.  I plan on keeping that as my writing journal.

Anyway, back to the book.  Most of the articles are by teachers, or by people who have published books that I’ve never heard of.  I suppose it’s more for literary fiction than the kind of genre I read and write in (urban fantasy).  Regardless, pick up this book, and you will find that these exercises will help you with characterization and give you great ideas.  They might be junk, but at least they’re good ideas.

I can breathe!

After a huge jump on 11/11 (which I had off), I was able to catch up and I have now surpassed the par.  I’m at 44K words.

If I really wanted to, I suppose I could finish off the book now.  Part of me wants to do it.  Part of me wants to do what I usually do when my characters are 39 and some change in the game: just play alerts to get to 40, because then that’s the end.

But part of me wants to savor this like fine chocolate, wants to write this stuff right, even if it’s a first draft.  I right now am going to have about 2K words in a bar, 2K words for the climax, and 2K words for the aftermath.  That’s what I’m thinking and planning.

But as you all know, nothing goes as planned.  I still have a whole weekend to write.  But I have a feeling I’ll be finished with this before that weekend arrives.  And then I will have earned my t-shirt!


NaNo…almost not.

After a slow and depressing start (i.e. no words until Day 11), I’m caught up to par for the most part.

Today, day 16, 26, 237, 400 words short of goal.  I should get them done before I go to bed.