Monthly Archives: July 2015

Cold Feet

Book One’s cover is off to the artist, and I can only  hope that he’ll have it done in time.  However, as I’m going through Book One, I’m wondering whether or not it’s actually any good.  It’s honestly not my best work in the world.

Now, Book Two…that cover’s coming out nicely and that story is flowing well (though I have no idea where it’s going).  Should I not even bother with Book One and instead try to put out Book Two?

Why did the dragons join the Americans?  Are they the only dragons?  What can an RPG do to one (we’ll find that out), and what can Brent do?

What about the press?  How come they’re not in there in force?

Some questions for my book journal, I think.

Maybe it’s the honeymoon of Book Two, that since this one’s going so well, it’s going to be better.  It is going to be better.  7000 words into it and I’m liking the outline so far.  But 7000 words of only dragons is not going to carry this – I have to think of something else.

Off to the beta reader

“Homecoming” is finished, and off to the beta reader.

This week I’m paying the artist for the cover, that I hope he can get done in a month.

Next month, I’ll be out of survivor’s benefits, so I won’t be able to do a lot of the things I used to.  Like commission artwork.  The more I go through my budget, the more depressed I get.  I’m not thinking that the book will make money hand over fist – it would be nice, but I don’t think so.

Steven sent me a royalty calculator, and it would be nice if I sold ten books, but I doubt that I would.  I didn’t the last time.  I have to come up with an author page for Amazon.  I have to prepare myself for getting possibly interviewed.

Launch date is October 1.

Man, I’m nervous.