Monthly Archives: February 2015

The Memoir

I have two things I’m working on.  I’m not sure if I like either one, because they both take place in the past.

My coworker’s husband passed away.  My coworker’s in her early 40’s.  He died of a sudden illness.  It was a shock.

I was fine talking about it, but I realized how eerie it was compared to my experience.  As I told this to my counselor she said, “You should write a memoir.”

I had it in mind these past few years, even with a title: Torn Asunder.  It’s been seven years now, and to think about revisiting that moment in time as if it was yesterday…

So I decided to do it.  It’s in Scrivener, and I may end up doing it as a Kindle book because it’s not going to be long enough for a real book.  Or I’ll do it as “Book one in a trilogy”, with the other two being about dealing with an autistic child and borderline personality disorder/video game addiction.  I haven’t published it anywhere.

The other thing I decided to do was write out the Leopard Knight – Mal and Knight’s story.  That is published here.

I’m still playing games more than writing.  Doing these two things is like work to me, because I’m an “organic” writer.  I want to see how the story goes and later ends up.  I don’t know the end usually when I start a story.  However, in these cases, I know the end, and details in the middle, and how it all began.  It’s like I’m regurgitating a story I already have memorized.

However, nobody else knows the story like I do.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I finally broke down and decided to use my Netflix account for myself.  Being a deep-seated lover of comic books and the super hero genre, I figured I’d watch a couple of super hero stories.  I started with this.

I’m trying so hard not to binge watch this.  I’m only on Volume 1, episode 4.  Even though it’s more like Russel Stover’s than Godiva, it’s still like chocolate and I know I’ll get sick and overwhelmed if I see the entire thing at once.  I have found that I like Netflix over DVD’s.  I’m not sure if I’ll go out and buy this on DVD – it’s good, but not like RED, which was awesome and I had to have the DVD.