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Comicon is happening in two weeks. I have a booklet that I’m waiting for the publisher to send to me, which will have a short story (Custer’s First Stand) and the first chapter of War Mage. I hope that comes in before Comicon.

I have 20 more copies of Homecoming on its way for Comicon, and I’ve still got the five copies each of Building Baby Brother and Best Intentions to try and sell.

My cards say I’ll do well, but not blockbuster well; my expectation is to sell five copies. I hope I can do that.

Grimaulkin is still going. I had a mini-climax and expect to do about another 10-20K words after that. I hope to finish it in time for Comicon. Not that I have to, but NaNoWriMo starts on Tuesday, and I don’t want to put Grim aside for that. I don’t think I’ll be able to succeed with NaNo this year, but my own personal NaNo happened to succeed (as of last week, I was 50K words, and as of today it’s 53,000 words.). So I’ll order the NaNo winner t-shirt.

Still upset that I lost my novel notebook. I keep a notebook on the novels I write, with brainstorms and notes on things that I write. As a discovery writer, I need to refer back to things here and there and instead of going in the document, I have a notebook with notes of things I created on the fly. I had it two weeks ago, and when I went looking for it last week, I couldn’t find it. So I created a new one, but I really miss my old one. Oh, well.

Grimaulkin 1 – War Mage 0

Bad news first: War Mage is not going to be out in November. The editor sent the book back to me, half-read, saying that I had no plot. I have a theme, which is not the same as the plot. I thought I had a plot–I even outlined it. I’m going to try for a second opinion, because this book isn’t exactly this editor’s cup of tea.

So, for Rhode Island Comicon, we’re putting together a booklet, with a short story set in the same world as War Mage, and the first chapter of War Mage. It’s a chapbook, which will be available only at Comicon. Hopefully that will come in time for it. At least I’ll have something.

Grimaulkin is coming along, and the last day for me to do it is today if I want to succeed at my own personal NaNoWriMo. I have about 4000 words left to make it to 50K, and I’m aiming for 60K so I can have room to cut as necessary. I’ve found it’s easier to cut than it is to add. I’m pretty happy with how Grimaulkin is turning out (although the actual story doesn’t start until 20K words in). Once War Mage is done, published and in the can, I’ll submit Grimaulkin as a palate cleanser and hopefully have that one ready for November of next year. I don’t know if I’ll do Comicon again next year. Depends on this year’s results.


Last week I sold one copy–thanks, Kristen! This week I also sold one copy–thanks, Mark! Hope you both enjoy the book!

War Mage still is not finished editing. I have one month until RI Comicon, and it takes about a week to get the proofs ready, another week to ship it to me. That leaves two weeks for editing on my part, which I was hoping to have. Unfortunately, this month, I can’t take any extra days off because it’s our crunch time at work.

Needless to say, I’m getting worried.  Our editor is under a lot of pressure, I get that. But this is time sensitive, and I need copies of a promised book in a month.

Just another thing to add to my anxiety plate.

Meanwhile, Grimaulkin is up to 32K words. I am getting to the end of the mini-story (you’ll see what I mean when you read it; and you will read it, right?) and I still have about 20K words to go. I had hoped to do 55K for this book. Although I might go long on this one and introduce another mini-story/mystery in addition to having Mike finally go out with Scott, and Mike finally meet his parents at the wedding. If this is a stand-alone, then I can do that. I’ll have to see how it sells. How many people would want to read about a gay mage just out of prison? That reminds me, I have to come up with a hook for him.

This one guy at the Scituate Art Festival yesterday sold a book to nearly everyone he came in contact with. He was amazing. I noticed that he engaged people, first asking “What do you like to read?” and then going into his book. His book is a mixture of genres, he said. He also talked about reviews. I have to point out to people that my book has a 5 star review on Audible. He was an excellent salesman. I wish I had that much engagement when I present my book. It’s something to learn from.

So, I’m going back to Grimaulkin and try to figure out what other mystery he can get himself into with Bennett, how he asks Scott for a date, and other filler until I hit 55-60K. Any ideas, let me know in the comments.


I sold one!

I actually sold a Homecoming book, face to face, to a reader at a meet and greet. I’m so excited.

War Mage is still at the editor’s. I have been reassured that it will be ready for publication for RI ComicCon. Good thing I have a beta reader’s response here. My goal is to do some of that fixing over this week.

Grimaulkin is going along smashingly, with 26K of perfectly beautiful flowing words that just won’t stop. However, I’m having issues with the mystery portion of this story. Grim’s involved with the cops, and I don’t have the nerve to go up to the cops and say, “I’m, um, writing a novel, and, um, I’m just wondering what, um, procedures you do when you find a dead body somewhere? And how do you investigate?” I’d have to put together some questions and interview a detective.

I know how I want the “epic battle” to be, though I have to add a few things to make it more “epic”, and I’m wondering whether I should make that the end, or the wedding the end. The wedding will bookend the story, and possibly hook a book two. If I keep going like this, I’ll have it done by the end of this month definitely. I have to do some serious editing. I first had it take place in Boston, but then I realized that having it take place in Rhode Island might be a neat selling point for the locals.

Meanwhile, Casey and the Blue Lady is still kind of bubbling on the back burner, though I haven’t done very much prep for that book once Grim showed up. I might skip the whole NaNo thing and, if I can get Grim done in a month, I’ll put that in as NaNo. Hey, it’s 30 days, right?

I’m going to order a mic and get a podcast going. Probably next month.

Book review:

Run, don’t walk, and pick up Syd Field’s Screenplay. It’s amazing, simple, and has everything you need to write a screenplay. But not just that, it goes into how to write a story! I’m in the middle of it now, and I am just amazed at what films he chooses for illustrations (I haven’t seen some of the classics, but I will!). It will hopefully be a help with me and Grimaulkin (two stories at the same time and trying to balance both).