Monthly Archives: June 2015

Book 1, which is Book 2, which could be Book 1

I’m puttering along on War Mage, and decided that I’m going to have to publish these out of order.  I’m going to call this one “Homecoming: a War Mage novel” and it will be 2nd in the order of the books, but first to be published.

Something like this was done with the Repairman Jack series.  Books were published out of order.  I suspect that putting them in order will be a challenge for the reader.

The other option is that I start the series with this story, and have him go back to Afghanistan, and continue the series there.  I could do short stories of when he first starts with the team.  In this book I state that he never worked with the Marines, but the Marines are going to be the ones who have the dragons.

Of course there’s going to be dragons!

I think I’m going to have this artist do the work.  I have a picture and position in mind,   I just need to come up with someone that he looks like.