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Today is the day I’m hoping to get my podcast to drop on iTunes and Stitcher.

Once I figure it out.

It’s on my website, Or it will be as soon as it goes live.

It’s only five minutes long–it took me a week to come up with the final 2 minutes. I had one song for the end, and thought it was too depressing, so I put in the first song instead.

While procrastinating doing that portion of the podcast, I started writing Grimaulkin’s short “freebie”. We’re putting together freebie shorts from the Press and passing them out at different venues. It will be about Mike’s getting arrested, his backstory.

Grimaulkin is coming back from the editor’s soon, and I’ve realized that I had to make Mike younger. So Mike is now 18, Scott is 17,  Otherwise, I’ve kept things the same.



Editing. Check.

I just sent off Grimaulkin back to the editor, a day earlier than I promised. What’s next on the list of things to do?

Podcast. Dark Mystic Quill’s website will be up and running on the 30th. I just have to get the podcast finished by then. I’m 2/3 (or two topics) of the way through it, with the music buffers in place. I just have to talk about my bipolar disorder which is the hardest thing to do. It’s also the most authentic, I think, which is why it’s so hard. Not to say that witchcraft and writing aren’t authentic. It’s easier to bounce things off other things I read or hear, but when talking about the bipolar disorder, it’s all me, baby.

I have joined Sarah Werner’s FB group “I Am a Writer” and I’m trying really hard not to self-promote so I don’t get kicked off. I would like to inspire and be inspired by other writers–it’s what I’m missing around here. The RI Authors are so into marketing and selling that they don’t seem to be in the writing. They’re all about exposure to sell books. For example, today, there’s a “Meet and Greet” in Warwick which should actually be termed “Meet and Buy.” Whatever happened to authors wanting to talk about writing and not marketing?

War Mage. I am in the beginning of Lesson 4 which has to do with plot, subplots and beginnings of plots or plots that have nothing to do with the main plot (Anti-Chekov’s Gun, I guess). Eventually I’ll be figuring out what to keep, what to toss, and what I need to fix. I have two sub plots that really need to go, but then the word count will go down considerably. So that’s what I’ll work on for the rest of the weekend. And warming up. It’s cold outside!

Podcasting, editing, and revising, oh my

I so far have laid down five minutes of my podcast. It’s about “Writing, Witchcraft and Woe, but not necessarily in that order.” I have music that I bought to use for the beginning tracks.

I went and bought a nice expensive Blue Yeti mike. Problem is, it’s too good, and picks up everything. It picks up my refrigerator when it runs (it’s loud, anyway), my furnace when it goes off, and the cars outside. And my cat purring. Being that I’m an idiot when it comes to audio, I suppose I have to do something on the mike to get it to stop picking up ambient noise. So I’m using a headset mike, which isn’t as good and definitely isn’t as clear.

What a pain in the ass editing is though. I have to cut so much space (I wheeze when I breathe). that it sounds like I’m not breathing. I can tell editing now on other podcasts. It makes people sound so intelligent. Now I know why.

Segue into…

I got my edits back for Grimaulkin! I could sit here and say, “Oh, my God, it’s such a mess.” Nearly every page has an edit on it. I’m up to page 92 and there were two pages without edits. I use way too many commas and I don’t believe in the Oxford comma (the one that comes before and in a list). Maybe I should crack open that Chicago Manual of Style book I have if I’m going to line-edit.

There’s a few edits that I’ve chosen to take as suggestions. Most of the edits, though, clarify things or point out whether I should/could do something better. I have the curse of the pantser: I often write description after the object is introduced, not before.

Noticing this, it helps me to work a little on War Mage. I’m still deep in that surgery as well. Right now I’m clarifying the scenes I’ve written and noticed 1) I have no plot and 2) I have no action and 3) Brent reacts to nothing. I think I have to throw in a murder