Chugging along

I have to come up with a topic for next week’s podcast. It’s a choice between “What kind of magic do I do?” and “How Journaling is Word Vomit.”

War Mage is up to a stupendous 4K words. No way am I going to get it done for September. Unless I dictate, and even then, I need an outline, and the outline I have sucks. So I’m pantsing the thing and hoping the muse blesses me with more than 1200 words a day. I may end up combining what I was considering books 1 (War Mage)  and 2 (The Dark Prison) into it, like I did with Grimaulkin–I thought Grimaulkin had two separate storylines that were combined into one. Nobody else seems to have noticed. If I combine the Brent stories, it will definitely take care of the word count, and it will be a good stand-alone. Because right now, at 4K, I’ve given up a reveal.

And Brent is no detective, so I’m trying to let the readers kind of scream at him saying, “Can’t you see that so-and-so is lying????” Will that piss off readers and make them put down the book, or let them think that they’re smarter than the protagonist? It’s a fine line I’m walking here.

Water is being final-proofed, and should be out in August.

I don’t know how Grim’s selling…and I don’t want to know until I get the royalties (If any).