So begins the new year.  It begins with a new journal, a new daily journal (which I’m still trying to think of what to do with it), and new resolutions.

Other than the typical “Lose weight, be more healthy, get on a budget, etc.” bullshit which fails by February, I plan on writing more.  To be productive.  To try and use my creativity for more than just a few select fans, but to put it out there.

First thing is, I’m going to write 800 words a day.  This includes diaries (in my journal, it’s 3 pages or 1 hour), my blog, and here.

I plan on blogging in 800 Words at least twice a week.

I plan on blogging here once a week.

Every day I will write something somewhere.  Hither and yon, a writer’s notebook, a journal, a diary – it doesn’t matter where, it has to be writing.  If I don’t do it at work, I’ll have to do it at home.  No news/tv/gaming until writing is done.


Pens, however, are another story…