Columbus Day Weekend

Well, the big push for my appearances is over, and I just have to wait until December for my last appearance this year.  I learned a lot of good things from my tent-mates, some of which are in my podcast this weekend. (Which doesn’t have the same quality–I kind of rushed through it.)

I learned that my story is first in the Association of Rhode Island Authors anthology, Under the 13th Star, which should be on sale in November. I was so happy to hear that. It meant my story was good enough to lead off the anthology. I was glowing the whole day when I heard that.

And I found my perfect reader for Grimaulkin on Saturday. She’s bi, likes reading gay stories, and we discussed the fact that there isn’t that much gay literature in the mainstream. “Most of it’s about how awful it is being gay, but it’s not that bad,” she said. She bought a copy of Grimaulkin, and I told her, “I wrote this for you. You’re going to love it.” Another glowing spot of the day.

Sunday was overcast and spotty rain, so I didn’t get any customers, nevermind any buyers. Which was okay; I learned about marketing from my tent-mate.

I got Grimaulkin Tempted back from the editor, and I need to make Mike just a wee bit more sympathetic. The ending that I thought sucked was one he didn’t see coming, so I have to drop more clues in the book to make it more plausible. I remembered the subtle clues–I guess they were too subtle. I also got a cover. After thinking about it, and having it on my background here on the computer, it kind of looks more like a bodice-ripper than a teen story. I have to talk to the publisher about it. Maybe changing the title might help.

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