Had the Calamari festival yesterday. Sold one book. (Better than last year, when I sold nothing.) Was not worth the table fee. I’m not going to do it next year. It’s too much money and most people who came had no idea we were there. So they didn’t bring money. I didn’t even get to try any Calamari! But my tentmate helped me with a new elevator pitch for my first book.

My next festival is Saturday at Scituate Art festival and Sunday at Autumnfest. October 10 & 11.

This week I’m going to start the rewrite of Grimaulkin Tempted and develop the elevator pitch with that.

Next time, I’m getting the kid to schlep stuff. I’m too old to carry everything. I’m also going to buy a luggage carrier with wheels because I now have three bags of stuff to carry. Maybe I should just get a suitcase.

Also got the DSM-5 manual for research. My psychologist suggested it, so I could believably put in a mental disorder with some characters. Also interesting to read about my own disorder.

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