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Grimaulkin Tempted is at 40,000 words! That was my goal for this weekend. Only about 20K more to go, and then I’ll let it rest. I will give it a week off, maybe start writing Earth.

Water is out and available under the name Maxwell Thomas and Zarra Knightley publishing.

Grimaulkin will be in the Rhode Island Authors’ Catalog coming out around Labor Day. It will also be at the New England Book Fair and another book conference in Boston sometime (I just signed up for it; I didn’t pay attention to the details because I don’t have to request a day off). Association of Rhode Island Authors will be doing the selling for me.

My next door neighbor, who bought my book last weekend, stopped me while I was heading out to work and told me he “absolutely loved” Grimaulkin! He told me I made one little mistake, and I did a facepalm when he told me. It went right past me and the editor. Oh, well; that’s what second editions are for.


I read On Writing by Stephen King, supposedly THE BEST WRITING BOOK OF ALL TIME. I was like, “Meh.” I felt like I had read it before because so many people pull out quotes from it.  He’s absolutely right about writing with the door closed and editing with the door open. I’ve found I can’t write with my son in the room. And he comes in a lot because he’s bored.

Anyway, I left it on my Keeper shelf because I suppose in order to be a writer, you have to have it there. Along with Bird by Bird (another book everyone quotes from). Kind of like if you’re going to be a tortured writer, you need to have Hemingway along with your bottle of Jack.

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