The Loof

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The Loof Festival happened yesterday with the constant threat of rain overhead. The authors had a great spot. I sold 1 Grimaulkin and 2 Homecoming books. Anything is better than zero!

A few people asked me if it was in the library. Next on my list is to screw up my courage and beg my library–and the Pawtucket library, where Grimaulkin takes place–to take a copy.  When I get a day off, I’ll start doing that.

My next event is the Calamari Festival in Narragansett, on September 9 (the Saturday after Labor Day). If you don’t like books, you can always taste-test fried squid rings from restaurants all over the state. I tell you, if you like Italian seafood, you’ll love this festival.

Grimaulkin Tempted is going along. I’m in the middle of one of the big reveals of the series, and I don’t want to do it, because it’s key to Mike’s character. But it’s at the right place and it’s something I have to do. I hope it doesn’t turn people away from the series. It’s a fine line that I have to keep in mind.

And my tent didn’t blow away this time!



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