When the muse dances…

5:54 pm by L. Jacob. Filed under: Grimaulkin,Promotion,Writing

My muse is happily writing Grim 2, though I’m just about half way through and I need to either add another subplot or do something else crazy to plow through the rest of the book. Discussed the cover with the publisher, and I hope they can do it. If not, I’ll take a new picture.

I’ll be talking to the radio guy for an interview, so I hope I can get in on August 15, when Water comes out.

I’ll be at the Loof festival on August 12 (with a new, blue canopy) from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. A long day. If the weather is a day like today, it’ll be awesome (70’s, light breeze). Need to purchase more weights. Just in case.

Royalty payments came in. Homecoming is still selling! One copy…yay!



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