Day 5

After a very boring lecture, she debated about lunch.  Even though that boy in the cafeteria was being immature, he was right, in the sense that she was buying a lunch at 10:30 in the morning. She didn’t want to go through possibly seeing him again, though she knew that she would be hungry.  She decided to go to the library, thinking that maybe reading a newspaper or doing anything but the cafeteria might be better.

As she went to the library, she smelled fresh-baked bread.  Her head turned in the direction, and there was the Student Union, where there was a Subway.  Well, maybe the boy wasn’t in the Subway, and maybe nobody would know, so she headed there.

Looking around the room, she saw no one she knew, but the place was crowded.  It being just after 12:30, this was the lunchtime crowd that didn’t want the ethnic cafeteria food.  A simple ham and cheese sub (small), no lettuce, just peppers, and she was good to go.  Someone vacated a spot, and she dove right into it.

She kept an eye on the door and inhaled her sandwich, feeling very guilty.  When she was nervous, she ate more than usual, and that boy in the lunchline had made her nervous and guilty. However, when she ate and how much she ate was her business, even though she felt that the world was watching and someone would say something.

Kate finished her sandwich and looked around.  People were eating their own food, not looking at her, looking at devices or laptops or out into space.  She gathered up her detritus and threw it out.  As soon as she cleared the seat, another person jumped into it.  She left the restaurant and the building, heading back south through the quad, to the computer labs where she would begin her Work-Study.