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Comicon is happening in two weeks. I have a booklet that I’m waiting for the publisher to send to me, which will have a short story (Custer’s First Stand) and the first chapter of War Mage. I hope that comes in before Comicon.

I have 20 more copies of Homecoming on its way for Comicon, and I’ve still got the five copies each of Building Baby Brother and Best Intentions to try and sell.

My cards say I’ll do well, but not blockbuster well; my expectation is to sell five copies. I hope I can do that.

Grimaulkin is still going. I had a mini-climax and expect to do about another 10-20K words after that. I hope to finish it in time for Comicon. Not that I have to, but NaNoWriMo starts on Tuesday, and I don’t want to put Grim aside for that. I don’t think I’ll be able to succeed with NaNo this year, but my own personal NaNo happened to succeed (as of last week, I was 50K words, and as of today it’s 53,000 words.). So I’ll order the NaNo winner t-shirt.

Still upset that I lost my novel notebook. I keep a notebook on the novels I write, with brainstorms and notes on things that I write. As a discovery writer, I need to refer back to things here and there and instead of going in the document, I have a notebook with notes of things I created on the fly. I had it two weeks ago, and when I went looking for it last week, I couldn’t find it. So I created a new one, but I really miss my old one. Oh, well.

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