Grimaulkin 1 – War Mage 0

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Bad news first: War Mage is not going to be out in November. The editor sent the book back to me, half-read, saying that I had no plot. I have a theme, which is not the same as the plot. I thought I had a plot–I even outlined it. I’m going to try¬†for a second opinion, because this book isn’t exactly this editor’s cup of tea.

So, for Rhode Island Comicon, we’re putting together a booklet, with a short story set in the same world as War Mage, and the first chapter of War Mage. It’s a chapbook, which will be available only at Comicon. Hopefully that will come in time for it. At least I’ll have something.

Grimaulkin is coming along, and the last day for me to do it is today if I want to succeed at my own personal NaNoWriMo. I have about 4000 words left to make it to 50K, and I’m aiming for 60K so I can have room to cut as necessary. I’ve found it’s easier to cut than it is to add. I’m pretty happy with how Grimaulkin is turning out (although the actual story doesn’t start until 20K words in). Once War Mage is done, published and in the can, I’ll submit Grimaulkin as a palate cleanser and hopefully have that one ready for November of next year. I don’t know if I’ll do Comicon again next year. Depends on this year’s results.

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