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This was the “mother of all storms” if you listen to the media, but it’s nothing. In my opinion, if the snow is up to the second floor of my house, then that’s the mother of all storms. We got a few inches.

While I was hunkered down for the blizzard, I did some editing for War Mage. After editing, I need another pair of eyes to read through and tell me what to describe, because I can’t tell. Even when I try to read it as an editor, I end up rewriting whole scenes instead. So I am not an editor. I am a writer.

I also finally finished “Custer’s First Stand”, the first mission with Brent and Task Force “Deuce”. This is going to be the free story that I’m giving away when people join my mailing list. I am going to eventually write the story that Mark refers to when he and Brent talk about “full contact” in Homecoming. I have done no writing to show for it in the 800 Words blog, as what I did today was finish the short story.

I attempted to read a couple of book marketing books I got on Kindle Unlimited. One of them “Book Marketing is Dead” was so full of grammar and spelling errors on the first two pages that I tossed it back. Another, about a book launch, read like a Writer’s Digest article of “top ten tips to make your book launch a success”. Another book marketing one read like a top 100 tips. I’ve also been listening to podcasts, such as The Creative Penn, The Smarter Artist, The Newbie Writer’s Podcast (which I want to be on so bad). This is in between podcasts of Fresh Air, Serial (research), The American Military History Podcast, and The Art of Manliness (also research).

The writing podcasts basically state that one of the most important things to do is to have a mailing list. So I’m trying that. On the main grimaukin.com website is (or will be) a box for you to put in your email. Now, I promise not to spam every day (like some other writing sites seem to do with the guise of “being helpful” but are actually sales pitches). I might just send you a note once a month, or when something new is happening. You’ll be the first to know. Heck, you can come here every week to see what’s new. You can also give me your email by commenting on 800 Words.

I hope to be contacting you soon. I have to mess with the setting for my Twitter, FB, and Tumblr feeds to get those straight. Don’t link from them using the icons on the page.

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