New Year’s Resolution results

12:18 am by L. Jacob. Filed under: Writing

So far, it’s been almost a week, and I’ve been pretty religious about writing every day. I’ve started 3 stories and done 2 scenes.

I’m describing a lot more. I just finished readingĀ Word Painting, which I think is an excellent book on description. I should use simile and metaphor more often when describing (simile is like, while metaphor is). Hell, I need to describe and detail things more often as well.

I’m proud of myself these last few tries at describing things. I’m going to pull out War Mage this weekend and start editing it. I know that it needs description. I just need to find the places for it.

I’m looking over the final edits for Homecoming. If I approve them, and I probably will, then we start the production.

Oh, my, scary time. Scary but exciting.

I can’t wait!

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