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A precious gift–from you! And it’s free!

What is the best gift you can give an author?

A review! Even if it’s just a starred review. You don’t have to write anything. This helps increase exposure on Amazon and may possibly get me that film deal I’ve been holding out for.

Now, tell me, wouldn’t you like to see Mike and Scott together on the big or medium screen? Or to see magic and war together – bigger and better than the Lord of the Rings?

Yes, all you need to do is follow these links, and just do a review. You may have to sign in to do it, but it will really help.

I already know who’s playing Scott (his creator told me), but Mike…hm…can we have a blond Russell Crowe?

Grimaulkin Tempted
Grimaulkin Redeemed
Grimaulkin Tales

War Mage

Brothers of the Zodiac:

Real Magic for Writers

Thank you in advance!