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Write what you know

I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately, mostly having to do with magic. When I was younger I was a pagan, one of the ones that was deeply into the environment, natural healing, all that kind of stuff.

Then I grew up.

I realized that there was better living through chemistry. I was chronically depressed. I was on the assorted medications for depression. I still wrote but a lot of my articles and stories were about other people. They were about how I’d dealt with other people and what they meant to me.

So the tattoo that I got, the second tattoo that I got, the one with the star and the crow, which was my name, Starcrowe, I outgrew it and put it aside.  I had a story that went along with my “initiation”, that I was initiated in the faerie tradition.if you’re familiar with Wicca you would know that 1) they wouldn’t let a girl be initiated in the faerie tradition, and 2) in the early 1990s there wasn’t any. Being a Sagittarius, I lied.

I made up an initiation based on the Gardnerian tradition, an initiation that I did attend as a spectator. It was all hogwash. Now I confess that I never had in initiation. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m not a witch. In fact I hate that term. It still has so many negative connotations, that I don’t like to call myself a witch. I don’t like to call myself Wiccan either. And I don’t like to call myself a pagan.

I prefer to call myself a mage or magician. Unfortunately wizards are for males, and unless I want to be transgender I can’t take that.  I’ve heard the term “chaos magician”, it sounds pretty close to what I am. I’m eclectic, but I’d like to think that I’m gray not necessarily white or black.

?nyway, what does this have to do with writing? Most of what it has to do with writing is the fact that my most recent novel is using magic, but mostly magic from the Key of Solomon and old Hermetic traditions.  Personally I hate Hermetic traditions, because they’re so secretive. They think that what they know shouldn’t be given out to the masses. I don’t trust them, I don’t like them. However, I’m a Unitarian, and if you believe in it and you like it, all the more power to you.

So anyway, I’ve gone back to my old roots with Wicca and with chaos magicians. However I don’t consider myself a Wiccan. There are some things that I will use modern society for, such as my depression, and my other health problems; but there are other things that I feel I can work with.

what I’m working on right now, or at least for Nanowrimo, is going to be a murder mystery. No paranormal involved. Just a straight up murder mystery that has to do with some gay guys. I’ve done an outline, and I’ve done some cards planning out what each scene is going to be. If I do any more details than that, then I’m not going to want to write the story.

I’m chomping at the bit in order to get the story started. But I have to wait until next week. I plan on dictating it just like I’m dictating this. Amazing isn’t it? I’ll do some writing at work probably, dictated into my normal routine. I’m not going to watch TV anymore, and I’m going to try and do 8 min. of writing in the morning. This is based on the 8 min. habit by Monica Leonnel, that I just finished reading last night.  If I can do 20 min. of writing based on a card reading, then I suppose I can do 8 min. of writing based on a prompt somewhere.

I’m debating whether or not to post my story here or somewhere else. I don’t know whether to post it on 800 words, or to establish a new blog just for this. Maybe I’ll do it on 800 words, because I have fans there.