What’s next

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I did it.  I wrote trash.

Once I got beyond it though, there were some interesting tidbits after it.  A full-length story. I might lengthen it and make it a real story.

However, now I’m stuck on a character.  I was going through all my old characters to find stories based on them, and now I have Luther, who is a tough guy to write a story on since he’s from a different world entirely.

I’m not sure I want to go back to that world, because looking at it now, it’s so lame compared to George R. R. Martin.  I’m tempted to change Taurin from a she to a he, but that would cause way too much turmoil because most of the book is about how she has to handle the fact that she’s a girl and supposed to be the true ruler of North Hampshire; that the king and queen are just keepers until she shows up.

Taurin is also a bad name, because World of Warcraft uses it for their minotaur-like creatures.  So I have to come up with something else cool.

Maybe the story of how Luther lost his sight.  I wrote it out once, a long time ago; maybe it’s time to revisit it.



I can’t write garbage.

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I look at my characters, and I want to write stories on each one of them.  However I also want to write fan fiction of the novel I’m reading (it’s pretty badly written, to tell you the truth, but I like the world it takes place in).  So, you know what I hate?  Badly written stories when I know I can write better than that, so why the hell is my book not among the ones that are put out for sale by Amazon?  I will admit Grim’s story needed polishing and consolidating.  Still does.

I want to write, the muse is there, but I can’t think of things.  I have the car running and full of gas, but no destination.  I don’t like going ambling when it comes to writing.  I have fans.  People who read this for a reason.

I can’t write garbage.

I can’t write stories about people that nobody cares about.

I can’t write stories with no conflict.

Who am I kidding?  I should just write it, preface it with “So this is what the characters that I’m not playing are doing…”

Yeah.  Maybe I’ll do that.



The Marathon

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Fourth of July.  Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

My plan: I’ll do about 8 hours’ of work during those 3 days, and then…I’m going to write.

I’m going to write my 3 pages required per day.  I’ll work 4 hours a day.  Then the other 4-6 hours, my plan is to write.

I’m going to tackle Grim’s rewrite again.  Tam I’m going to put aside.  I read a couple of books and got a couple of good ideas for Tam, but I’m not going to use them just yet.

Grim is more my speed – it’s a linear story, not introducing side stories in between.

We’ll see if I can go 10K words this weekend.