Day 7

Daniel had said something about a castle on Longwood.  She hadn’t been there, but knew it was just off campus.  Maybe she would go there Friday. “Lucy, I’m home,” yelled Ana as she stomped into the apartment.  Kate heard a … Continue reading

Day 7

So engrossed she was in the chapter that she didn’t notice when her relief came in.  She waved to her, and then headed for he last class of the day, Mass Communications.  Here they would talk about TV and what … Continue reading

Day 6

Bryan was there.  Bryan wore an earring in his left ear – she didn’t know if that meant he was gay or not.  It didn’t really matter, because he sort of acted a little effeminate, at least to her.  Her … Continue reading

Day 5

After a very boring lecture, she debated about lunch.  Even though that boy in the cafeteria was being immature, he was right, in the sense that she was buying a lunch at 10:30 in the morning. She didn’t want to … Continue reading

Day 4

Kate would be on campus all day this Wednesday, between three classes and her work-study program in between.  Then she would be back on Friday morning for two classes, having Thursday off.  She usually planned Thursdays to be her homework … Continue reading

Day 3

She finished her shower, turning the water off suddenly.  Shivering a bit in the chill air, she toweled herself off, avoiding looking in the mirror.  Kate then got dressed in her t-shirt and shorts again, and headed back out to … Continue reading

Nano Day 2

Kate said, “Well, it was dark.  I couldn’t see anything.  Much.  Well.” Lynn said, a smirk on her face, “I think if someone was chasing after me with a black duster on, I would have remembered what he looked like.” … Continue reading

NaNo Day 1

Kate picked her way warily through the crowd on the bus, looking for an empty seat.   The bus had already started moving. She had her earplug headphones on, the noise loud enough to hear the music but not loud enough … Continue reading