Monthly Archives: July 2012

I’m a writer; this is just my day job

Wow.  Life really can take a hold of you, can’t it?  Okay, maybe a weekly post was a bad idea.

My day job has been intruding way too much into my writing life.  By the time I get home from my 8-5 job, all I want to do is veg (or actually, smash shit up on City of Heroes).  There’s a simple reason why.

My nature is an introvert, like most writers.  I get power and strength from being alone, and doing things alone.  Writing is lonely work, and I love doing it.

Well, at my job, I got promoted, yay me.  Not so yay.  This means that 1) I’m the go-to person whenever someone has a question and 2) I’m wanted by my bosses to do special projects, 3) I have to run meetings in their stead, 4) Did I mention I was a mentor to the department?

This means I have to be friendly (gasp), open, and available for people if they have questions or need help.  This is totally against my nature, which is the type of person who likes to be handed work and left to her own devices.

So, needless to say, I was totally drained by the time I got home, and all I could think of was “Tank/brute, smash!”

Then I went to my story site and saw I hadn’t written AT ALL in the month of June.  Nothing.  A dead zone.

I felt so guilty.  Did my muse abandon me because I didn’t pay attention to her?  It was then that I realized that work was killing me.

So I started “listening” to my iPhone (yes, I got the iPhone).  I would plug in the headphones, and sometimes listen to music, but most times not.  This deterred everyone but the most determined people to ask me questions.  I set limits.  Now, yay me.

However, it’s famine time here, and I’ve been reading stuff on the kindle for the computer.  Whatever you do, go out and buy the Iron Druid Chronicles.  This series is awesome.  However, I’m out of money for the third book, so I’ll have to wait for payday to get it.  I read book 1 (Hounded) in one sitting, and book 2 (Hexed) in two sittings.  The author is Kevin Hearne.  When I grow up, I want to be just like him.

Also read Joe Ambercrombie’s “The First Law” series.  Again, out of money for book 3.  This one was a little more slow-going.  However, I want to be just like him, too.  He writes really good manly fiction, the kind of stuff I love to read.

Meanwhile, the revision for Grim 2 is slow.  I pulled Grim 1 off the market, because it really looked to me like a manuscript and not a book.  (I didn’t even have a dedication.  I’m not sure who to dedicate it to.)  I read through it once, and winced at a few spots.  I’m going to revise that one as well.

As a dare, I tried writing a paranormal romance, but it’s been bogged down in the weeds.  I have a reader for it, but she said it was slow going, and she found the scene where the vampire feeds of an elderly person as “weird”.  It is slow, as I have to establish the characters, and I have a hard time establishing female characters as more than just bitches and hoes.  You’d think being female I could write good female characters.  Maybe I’m too close to the subject.

Okay, I’m going to try and get back on track with a weekly posting.  However, most of the comments here have been spam.  I suppose I need to put myself out there more.

But it’s so scary!