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Today is the day I’m hoping to get my podcast to drop on iTunes and Stitcher.

Once I figure it out.

It’s on my website, darkmysticquill.com. Or it will be as soon as it goes live.

It’s only five minutes long–it took me a week to come up with the final 2 minutes. I had one song for the end, and thought it was too depressing, so I put in the first song instead.

While procrastinating doing that portion of the podcast, I started writing Grimaulkin’s short “freebie”. We’re putting together freebie shorts from the Press and passing them out at different venues. It will be about Mike’s getting arrested, his backstory.

Grimaulkin is coming back from the editor’s soon, and I’ve realized that I had to make Mike younger. So Mike is now 18, Scott is 17, ¬†Otherwise, I’ve kept things the same.



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