Another Life-changing event

Please forgive me for not updating this blog as much as I’d like. I hadn’t had time. Well, now I might have more time than I would like.

My eye started hemorrhaging Friday morning, and it got so bad that by Friday afternoon I couldn’t see anything but squiggly lines, black dots, and cloudy vision. At the same time (literally), the boss called me to read me the riot act, that I wasn’t pulling my weight at work, that I needed to be there full time, and I needed to find another position. Before I could log off to go to the doctor’s, I had to sign a “corrective action form”–basically, a write-up. I signed it, reading the writing on the wall.

Went to the eye doctor, a harrowing drive there and a worse drive back because it was twilight, and I couldn’t see anything until it was on top of me. The doctor gave me an injection, and although it cleared up the cloudy vision, it didn’t get rid of the squiggly lines and dots. I figured it would clear up by Monday, because sometimes it takes a couple of days for the injections to work. It didn’t.

I requested a doctor’s note, knowing this was the final nail in the coffin at work. I started planning.

Assuming this vision thing is temporary, I applied for temporary disability. I also applied for permanent disability.

So this is the end of the line for me.

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