City of Heroes returns from the dead!



The original superhero game that got me into this whole thing is back. City of Heroes and City of Villains. (Going Rogue, not so much.)

Of course I put up Grimaulkin and got him to 50 as soon as I could. But because of LIFE I haven’t had a chance to RP or come up with storylines for many of these other characters.  My New Year’s resolution is to write more books and stories, either here or somewhere else. Probably mostly here.

Grimaulkin is put aside. I role played a character called Guttersnipe, a pain defender. Guttersnipe was abused and beat up by his father, and his mother was a mermaid who escaped from the clutches of the father. Guttersnipe learned to deal with pain, to take it away and put it on himself. He’s slightly masochistic. He hit 50 last week.

Maximillian is a character on CoV. His gang, Maximum Ride, causes rough mayhem throughout the Isles. He just hit 40 and is a blast to play. He meets up with Scott sometimes for a little rendezvous, but I’m not on that often to ERP. I end up gaming a lot with him. I’m playing him as a Rogue so he can go Blueside (Paragon City) but he picks the villain storylines. They’re so much fun.

Here is a list of my characters right now. I’ll develop story lines as I go along, but I’m mostly playing them for the sake of playing.

Name AT Prime Second Level RP? Alignment
Stable Sentinel Beam Rifle Energy 12 n Blue
Hard Gravity Dominator Gravity Earth 16 Vigilante
Swordsmaster Scrapper Katana Ninja 16 n Blue
Obsidian Son Brute Dark Willpower 17 n Blue
Snowling Dominator ice ice 17 maybe Blue
Clockwork Blue MM Bots Sonic 18 n Blue
Stick and Stone Tank Earth Staff 19 n Blue
Toxicon Sentinel Radiation Radiation 19 n Blue
Luther Archer Blaster Archery Archery 21 n Blue
Sable Duloch Controller Dark poison 23 y Vigilante Helpless
Syvolt Sentinel Psychic Electric 24 n Blue
Blackfox MM Beast Nature 30 y Blue
Gaia Storm Controller Earth Storm 32 n Blue
Analogue Controller Illusion Time 32 y Blue
Ampiere Dominator Electric Electric 35 n Blue
Pistolero Corruptor Pistols Traps 36 maybe Vigilante
No Quarter Soldier Wolf Soldier xx 38 y Vigilante FF
Maximillian MM Thugs Kinetic 40 y Rogue Grandville Basse Croupier arc


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