June 16, 2019

I participated as a vendor in our local Pride festival yesterday. I had to leave early because the wind was just insane, and the tent next to mine blew away. I took that as a sign.

I sold two books, though there were tons of people there. I really expected to sell more. I think I know what happened.

I didn’t advertise as an LBGTQ author or book. I advertised like I usually do, “I write magical fantasy, military fantasy, and erotica.” I was selling for a general audience, like I usually do, because there are a lot of conservative readers in this area. This event I needed to be much more progressive.

I would probably try again next year if we do it, but bring more weights for my tent.

It didn’t help that my right eye started bleeding behind the eye, causing floaters and a pink film over everything. I couldn’t see people clearly. As it is, I can’t see what I’m writing here so I hope I don’t misspell too much.

I don’t know if I’m going to do anymore outdoor events. I have one sceduled: The Loof in Riverside on August 10. I have to do that one alone because my son refuses to do any more outside events. Seeing the tent next to us get ripped away freaked him out.

August is a long way off, so we’ll just have to see.

The Secret – by the Muse

June 10, 2019

So while I was writing Real Magic for Writers, I realized that I stumbled upon what I call in the book “The Secret.” It’s not really a secret; it’s what most other writers say about how to write.

Sit down and write.

That’s the secret. Simple, huh?

I was talking to someone recently who gave me a detailed Steampunk story, and ended it by saying, “But I have to write it.”

Well, yeah!

At the risk of putting people off: You’re not a writer if you think about writing. You have to do the work.

That’s what the core of Real Magic is–doing the work. (I’ve just saved you the price of the book.) I only hope that the book is uplifting enough and helpful enough for others to follow.

It’s who you know

June 3, 2019

I did an author Meet and Greet with about 20 other authors at Woonsocket Harris Public Library. While most of the authors there didn’t seem to sell any, I sold three. One to a “fan” (I’ve got fans!); one to someone I hadn’t seen in a long time; and the third to one of the authors’ guests that I sat next to.

It seems that’s my base, people who have read the books and enjoyed them, and people that I know who want to try them out. Luckily, I go out to enough events that I get more fans than just family and friend. The “fan” told me she passed Grimaulkin on to her cousin. Who knows where it’ll go from there.

BayCon – go there!

May 26, 2019

Road trip!

No, not really. BayCon is going on in sunny SoCal, and my publisher and two of the authors in Paper Angel Press are going to be there. Go visit!

Writing non-fiction is a little harder than I thought. Some of the items that I’m writing about, I got from other sources but put my own spin on them. I plan on having a bibliography, but do I cite the sources as I go along? I don’t want this to be a research paper – I’ve seen other non-fiction books just mention everything at the end.

I’m writing about summoning your muse. It’s not really “summoning”, more of a “calling to”. I’m running into trouble, again, with source material. I’m getting it from three different sources.

Research is in order.

Real Magic

May 19, 2019

I have decided to start on a new book. Blood From a Stone seemed to be mechanical, with no life in it. I got to the second chapter of the book, and realized that it was boring. Even though I hit the plot points did everything I was supposed to do, that was the problem. I followed a formula.

I followed the outline, and, I guess, the outline was boring. There’s a book called Story Trumps Structure, and it goes against the idea of using an outline. Sure you have “beats” and “inciting events” and all of that, but if there’s no life, there’s no story.

That’s why I felt I needed to do something different. I was talking with my publisher and mentioned to him about a panel that I could do called “Real Magic for Writers.” It would be about using the magic (chaos magic or eclectic magical practices) that I used to help my writing along. I drew up a proposal and he and his business partner liked it.

So Real Magic for Writers is slated to come out in October (I think? Or September?). With this one, I have an outline, and I’m following it, but I’m putting life into it because it’s about something I’m passionate about and that I’ve done for about 30 years. It’s something I haven’t done, a non-fiction book about a sort of secret part of my life.

And City of Heroes is back!