May 25, 2020

Welp, it’s been a while. Sorry about that. My life has been busy (even with the Corona Virus).

I’ll let you know, though, that I’m working on a new novel. Well, actually, it’s a rewrite of an old fantasy novel that I did in my 20’s. Now that I’m more mature, I can see silly things I did back then. At least I never used, “He smiled aloud (pet peeve).” But there’s a lot of smiling, looking around, looking at, staring, going, starting, and the word “just” on almost every page.

I’m plowing through it with a notebook at hand, taking notes like, “Describe here!” “More action verbs!” “Details!” “Why is that character doing whatever?” “Does the MC care?”

At the time I wrote it, the MC was an angry young woman who wanted to be a man. (Maybe that was too influenced by the writer at the time.) She let the bad spirit take over and reveled in it. Now, after reading it over the first time, I realized that a conflict may be in order here. Although there’s a lot of action, and it kept my attention, there are a few things here and there that I definitely can improve.

My goal is to get it done by mid-July or August 1 and hopefully have it out early next year, depending on the publishing schedule.

Let me tell you the hook:

What if Northern Maine was host to the biggest Ren Faire EVER? And what if they all weren’t actors?

I’ll leave you with that. I need to work on the elevator pitch next.

I’m negative!

April 5, 2020

Just called my doc, and she told me I was negative for Covid. I can breathe now.

Spoke too soon

April 4, 2020

I’m waiting to hear from the Department of Health as to whether or not I have the Coronavirus. I’ve had a cough for about a week now, and dialysis freaked out. They put me on a special shift for the Corona-possible patients.

So they changed my days of treatment to be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Friday, my artery was clogged.

Because I got tested at the drive-thru on Thursday, and I probably won’t have the results until Monday, when my doctor comes in, dialysis sent me home to await results. However, it’s not good to go without dialysis for more than two days.

So the short part of this story is, I have to go inpatient to get dialysis done in the hospital. To do that, they have to put a temporary access IN MY CHEST for the dialysis. With this whole Coronavirus thing going on, I don’t have the option of going to my usual hospital. I have to go to a smaller, different one that doesn’t know me and doesn’t have my medical records.

This all hinges on the test results, and I heard that it may take as long as “a few days”. If I don’t get the results on Monday, who knows what will happen.

I’ll keep you posted.

So far, so good

March 22, 2020

I’m just letting you know that everything’s going okay so far. Members of my household, including the cats, are asymptomatic. Dialysis is overcautious with us, because we’re a population that could have issues with Covid-19. I myself have kidney disease, diabetes, and an auto-immune deficiency.

Writing-wise, I’ll be honest, I can’t concentrate. I’ve been gaming a lot, mostly because that’s the only thing I can focus on. That, and work. Everything else, this whole pandemic, seems like somebody writing a bad novel.

I’m not going to get political, although I have plenty of opinions about what’s going on in my country and the world. I’ll keep them private (even to my friends). They’re in a hand-written journal so my opinions won’t bite me in the butt later.

Stay well, everyone. Wash your damn hands.

When I Disappear

March 9, 2020

I finished a book called Generation V that concerns vampires in Providence, RI. (Full disclosure, I wrote Vampire: The Masquerade fan fiction that takes place in Providence. It’s nothing like this book I read–let’s just say, the Giovanni were heavily involved.) Most of the setting was pretty accurate, so I wanted to find out about the author, M.L. Brennan , and, I don’t know, strike up a conversation?

I went to her website.

She disappeared off the face of the Web in 2018.

I’m thinking, what the hell happened to her? Did she die? Decide to move on? Change her name? Her most recent book is 2014, so what happened?

This has made my newest OCD obsession (my soon demise) rear its ugly head and prompted me to start preparing for The End. I have a designated social media person who will update my socials (here, FB, Twitter, Instagram) so that if someone comes to my website after my demise, they’ll know what happened.

Looking at the empty two years of this person’s blog also made me decide to update y’all.

First, Grimaulkin Collected is on Amazon, Smashwords, etc. It’s the three Grimaulkin books available as an ebook only for one low price. Mind you, I can’t sign your Kindle, so you’ll have to come see me and get a real paperback (or hardcover, if you’re so inclined).

Second, my newest WIP. I had planned on getting it done by April, sent to the publisher in June and have it out maybe in September. Well, no such luck. Simply because I’ve been sitting on a scene, trying to think of how to forward the plot a week. Do I go into detail about the main character’s doings of that week? If so, what does he do?

I spun (spinned?) my wheels for three, count ’em, THREE weeks. Finally, this morning, in the shower, I said, “Screw it. Just go to the next plot point.” Now it’s like a dam’s broken and I’m full of what’s going to happen next, then next, then next. All I have to do is write it all down as fast as I can.

It’s unknown whether I’ll get to Rhode island Comicon, mostly because of the Cornoavirus scare and my own health issues. Again, OCD on steroids, so I’m anxious about possibly getting sick. Especially now that I’ve heard that there is a local case. What will happen in November? Who knows?