When the muse speaks, listen!

February 11, 2018

I decided this weekend to tackle Earth, to try and get it finished. As I talked with my publisher, he said, “How about you work on War Mage?”

Okay, for a different way of looking at things, sure. It’s been cooking for about a few months, so I should be able to get right back into the swing of it. A new story, a new character, new setting. I have an idea of where the story was going to go (after all, I’ve written eight drafts of the damn thing) so it should be easy. Right? Right?

I sat down, reread what I wrote up to the point I stopped and thought, “My God. This just sucks.”

I’m tempted to say, “To hell with the whole War Mage idea, let’s just not continue it.”

This made me reach for the comfort food to console my depression. After eating a few Belgian waffles, I went upstairs to my Windows computer (the computer that has Scrivener, Internet, and game on it) and did some mindless button-mashing in game.  Then I said to myself, “What happens if I start Grimaulkin Redeemed?”

I left the game, started a new project in Scrivener, and started writing. An hour later, I had done a thousand words (would have been more if I didn’t self-edit) and it flowed! This, this is what I like to feel when I write. The instant flow of words, the story just comes out, and it’s not work. It’s enjoyable. It’s play.

This is what every writer’s “zone” is. When the work takes over your life, and you enjoy it. It’s not a job. It’s not something you keep wanting to procrastinate. It’s a flow, a river.

I had a dream last night, and now that I think about it, I know what it means. There was a metal pipe that fed to a creek in the back of the house, and it was clogged, with water backing up against the foundation of the house. I had just grabbed a stick and planned on poking the end of the pipe to try and dislodge what was blocking it.

That’s Grimaulkin Redeemed. It’s unblocking the pipe of creativity. Maybe Grim will be my go-to for stories when I’m stuck. I still role-play him in the game (Champions Online–I’m @maulkin if you want to hit me up), so he may be around for a long time.

Further updates: Water will be an audiobook very soon. Grimaulkin is in production for an audiobook (yay!). I’ll be at the Cumberland Library Meet and Greet from 10-2 on February 17. Come down for some exclusive swag! And buy a book, even!0

Podcast is on hold for this week. I think I’ll try and get it together for next week.

Behind the eight ball

February 4, 2018

I’m getting a banner made (but I think it’s going to be too big) for my table/canopy tent. It’ll be ready for my appearance in Cumberland on February 17.

I just finished the speech I’m giving to the Mt. Pleasant high school kids on February 15. Now to distill it into an outline and to stretch it out for 15 minutes.

I have not done anything with Earth so far today. I may have to lock myself down here in the cellar for another 4 hours to get anything done.  Earth is behind schedule. There’s no way I’m going to be able work at night over the next two weeks because I have a lot of late nights coming up.  Next weekend I have to put in 10 hours on Earth at least to get it done. Capricorn is in the can and headed off to the publisher.

After Earth comes War Mage. I hope that this time in the cauldron will help War Mage spring out fully formed like Athena from my mind and be an easy story to write. Something tells me otherwise.

Earthy writing

January 28, 2018

Finally locked myself downstairs in the cellar with my Hemingway Mac Mini, with no distractions such as the game or my kid, and forced myself to write for four hours on the weekend. I know now that I can’t seem to write cohesively during the week, so 8 hours on the weekend (if not more) should be enough to at least get 10K words a week out of me.

However, the whole novel is going to be a novelette by the time I’m done. It may be all the way up to 20K words. It’s at 15K right now as of this writing.

On February 15 I’m going to speak to high school students. This is a dream come true. This is who I wrote Grimaulkin for. I started writing what I’m going to speak about, and I plan on using it for my podcast next weekend.

After Earth comes War Mage. I’ll do the same thing with it, lock myself downstairs with it. I’ll also be sending out a newsletter with updates on what I’m doing, what’s coming up, and my appearances for February.

Lighting candles for getting  a table at Worldcon!

*cracks whip*

January 21, 2018

Episode 14 is up and ready on the Dark Mystic Quill website. It’s about sacred space or creating a “circle”.

I was a bad girl this week. I got no writing done. I had doctors’ appointments and had to work late to make up the time. I got home, ate, and then I had my vice (news from 5-7) and by 7, I collapsed. I’ve played around with some medication so I can stay up longer than 7 and go to bed at a more reasonable hour. But this week was bad.

I know what I need to do, it’s just I need the time and the inspiration. This writing gig is hard work, especially when gripped by real life.

Lesson Learned

January 15, 2018

A person I know–an acquaintance, not really a friend, someone I hadn’t seen for about 10 years–went kayaking and has disappeared. Upon first hearing the news I thought, “Been there, did that; I hope his wife doesn’t do what I did.”

What I did was shut out my family and friends. I realize now that it was a bad idea, but it’s too late in my opinion to go back to people. They might think I want something. That’s how I felt when my cousin, who I hadn’t seen in six years, suddenly invited me to his wedding. What does he want from me? I didn’t go.

This vision of people wanting things is something I’ve carried with me since I was a child. People I’ve met over the past couple of years don’t understand how I can put worth on people and their actions. It’s something that I’m trying to learn to let go. The example of my unsupportive friend because she won’t buy my books or even read them is what is causing me to distance myself from her. She doesn’t understand why I write, what I write, and doesn’t seem to care. So I’m dumping her. My life is too short to support people who won’t support me. Selfish, yes, probably. But we’ve been friends for 30 years. If she doesn’t understand me by now, she’s never going to.

Okay, so, moving on…

My next appearance will be at the Cumberland Library Author Meet & Greet on February 17 at the Cumberland Public Library. A scene in Grimaulkin takes place in the park that is behind the library. I’ll have the free downloads available on instafreebie in paper form. They are SO cool in real life. And they’re free!