Poem – The Catmuse

May 21, 2018

The Catmuse

Waiting on the muse
I sit at the keyboard.
Fingers poised and ready.
Mind open and receptive.

I stare at the blank page
My mind wanders,
Characters? Setting? Plot?
What to type next?

Then Tom, the wise old cat
Of my pride
Comes to tickle the ebony
Keys of the keyboard.

s43o056 F11
My screen explodes.
Tom lays across the keyboard.
F5 48957

I push him off,
he pushes back

He is my muse today.

Audiobook! More books! Poetry! Maybe War Mage?

May 20, 2018

Hello! I’ve had two cups of tea this morning already so I’m raring to go!

I received the first eight chapters of Grimaulkin in audiobook form. Despite my friend saying “He sounds like a computer” (I told her “You haven’t heard the Lore podcast”) I think it’s awesome. The point is, she laughed in all the right places, lpointed out things that she wasn’t clear about (though it was because either the GPS voice cut in or she wasn’t paying attention). She’s not an audiobook listener, either. I don’t think she’ll ever read it. It’s okay…it’s not her style.

Went to my first poetry open mic last night and it was fun. I’m going to another one on the 31st, and I will be the featured author on June 28. I’ll be there with my books, and I’ll read “The Joint”. Meanwhile, my poetry was so well-received that I might write some more poems for open mic nights.

I’ve been filling out the trusty outline for War Mage, and although I’ve got the story lined up, the actual draft is horrible and short. I feel like I’m writing jigsaw puzzle pieces, and at some point they will fit together. This, like poetry, is a new method of writing for me. It’s like wearing loud prints when all you’re used to wearing is block colors. It’s a weird feeling; you think everyone’s staring at you and judging you based on what you’ve always worn. And now you’re daring something new? It blows people’s minds, not to mention your own. But you get used to it, and so do others, and eventually it may become, if not the norm, then at least accepted.

In between my “homework” (my personal enrichment) I plan and write War Mage. Some days it’s a scene, other days it’s a few words. But a little bit every day is better than nothing at all.


May 20, 2018

A poiem I read during an open mic at The Bean Barn in Coventry for Poetry and Beans night.


You rode off into the sunset
On your brand new motorcycle.
When I last saw your remains,
You wore a blanket of roses.

No marker remains of you
Except a box on my mantle
And the grin of our son
When he tries to lie.

It’s been ten years now.
We’ve survived this long
Without your corny jokes
But my heart of lead still remains.


They said I had the whole room on the verge of tears. We all had to take a minute. They said it was well-done. I inspired my friend to read some poetry as well. That, to me, was the most important part of the evening–not reading my poetry, but inspiring someone to read theirs.

The movie(s) Playlist (without video)

May 14, 2018

These songs would be part of Grimaulkin if there was a movie. Yes, I know I said Shinedown is doing the soundtrack, but if I was to use music from 2000 or pre-2000, then these are the songs I would use.


Opening credits: Voodoo – Godsmack

Meeting Scott: With Arms Wide Open – Creed

Closing credits: Minority – Green Day


Grimaulkin Tempted 

Opening Credits: Last Resort – Papa Roach

Fight scene: Break Stuff – Limp Bizkit

Closing credits: Stupify – Disturbed


Grimaulkin Redeemed

Opening credits: Prison Sex – Tool (warning: don’t watch the video and read the lyrics at the same time. It will freak you out.)

Fight scene: Reprise Break Stuff

Closing credits: Hemorrhage – Fuel


I’ll probably do a more detailed one including music that I listened to while writing the novels.


Writing when bored

May 13, 2018

I was bored yesterday.

I had finished Grimaulkin Redeemed, and it’s at the editor. I “finished” “Taurus”–it could go on for a couple more scenes, but I like ending it where it is.

I had the urge to write. I wrote a poem that I’m going to read at the Lively Literati which is sponsored by ARIA, and is kind of a poetry-prose open-mic evening of readings and public speaking.  Because that poem’s depressing, I’m going to write a more fun one today.

Okay, so I did the poem, which took me an hour, and I was still bored. What to do next?

I opened up Scrivener. Maybe something would come to me. I had downloaded an outline template for Scrivener and it was first in my list. I opened it up. I was initially going to take out my trusty Story-matic cards that have helped me develop stories in the past, but then I thought about War Mage.

The outline template is called Fool-Proof Outline, from the book of the same name that I had downloaded through Kindle Unlimited (when I used it briefly at the beginning of the year). It’s a series of questions to get you thinking, preparing, and help you write a crappy first draft. But it’s still a first draft.

I had sent to the editor what I had written with War Mage version 7, along with what I planned to do with it. He hasn’t gotten back to me (I wonder why….after all, I’ve sent him a novel, two novellas, a short story–and there’s not only me in his stable–plus he has a life… 😉 ) But I thought, eh…what the hell.

I filled out a few of the questionnaires, and restarted the first scene. I’m changing Brent from the easy-going guy he was in Homecoming to someone a little colder, calculating, and suspicious. That’s a lot like Mike, so it’ll be interesting to see how I make Brent into someone slightly different. The next thing I knew, four hours had passed and I was thinking of War Mage as fun, not a chore.

Maybe the eighth time’s the charm.