A bit of housekeeping

January 24, 2019

Sykinetic (got boring after a while)
Blumme (died way too often)
Turbo (boring)
Astramancer (No RP)
Chillblaine (no RP)
Raine (no RP)
Quill (no RP and had no story)

Looking for new story ideas. Mostly teenagers…

Knight of the Road

January 22, 2019

Beastial Level 40 RP

Knight has some stories here on the blog. He’s partners with Malcolm King and carried three children to term: Caroline, Roland and Persephone. I’ve written stories about two of them because Caroline is being trained by Bastists and was going to be separated from the littermates eventually.

Knight came from City of Heroes, where he attracted the attention of Malcolm King. When Rhode/Rogue’s Island was…destroyed? Closed off? (the game shut down) Knight and Malcolm ported along with Scott to Champions.

Knight and Malcolm took care of Scott after Grimaulkin “died” and helped him get functional again. Knight worked for an Irish pub for a while, until he got pregnant, then became a stay-at-home dad.

Right now, his and Malcolm’s relationship is in stasis. There may be changes coming for them.



January 19, 2019

Toxic/infernal Level 40 RP

Alex’s story is located in the bowels of this blog, and the tragic story of his sister Alix is also in here, too. He has a respec coming to him because of the new powers in infernal, but I don’t normally play him in game. He’s well fit for Overwatches, but nothing for higher-end game content like Adventure Packs.

Alex lives with Kelvin and Red Deth, and they all get along fine. They have threesomes in the garden once in a while because that’s the only place that Alex can go and not have to worry about severely injuring or hurting his partners. Alex has a dry sense of humor, sometimes morbid.

I seem to think that he has a relationship with Rory, but I’m not sure if I’m confusing him with someone else.

Red Deth


January 18, 2019

TK level 20 – sorta RP?

Personally, I love telekinesis, the actual power. Unfortunately it’s not very good because you have to be around items that are movable, like trash cans and chairs. So I have yet to see this power used by many people. It’s in the AT, though.

Slider (originally Pslider, which looked really dumb) has a character that is more of a hacker than a telekinetic. Maybe he can telekinetically get into computers? I know that his voice is younger, not quite a teen, but less than 30, probably 24/25 years old. He runs places, not walks. He’s in a constant hurry.

His build is similar to Psikinetic, but Slider is full of attacks with hardly any defense. He’s a glass cannon and a button-masher. At least right now. It may get some defense soon.


January 17, 2019

Archery – Level 23 – No RP

Since developing Luther, I decided to not really play this one very much. I’ve noticed that I keep RP characters more than non-RP characters–which is why I have two full pages of characters that are RP. I also have four level 40 characters available for respec that have done the Vibora Bay apocalypse and therefore have access to Vibora Bay. I want to eventually develop a character for ‘end game content” so I can get the “legendary” powers such as Hydra and Shade Storm…but I have a life, and I can’t play this game constantly (though it seems I do, lol).

Anyway, this guy is pure archery. It would be an archery AT with the exception of a couple of powers that are not in the AT, such as Masterful Dodge and Resurgence (a heal). Archery does wimpy damage, but the animations are very cool.

I have built him as a big-shouldered guy, using the archer costume set (I did the same for Luther, too.). After burning through his 2xp, I might end up deleting him because his powers and Luther’s are repetitive, and he’s not RP. I can’t even begin to start how to RP him. Maybe I’ll just develop him for VB and have him available for respec’ing later.