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I sold one!

I actually sold a Homecoming book, face to face, to a reader at a meet and greet. I’m so excited.

War Mage is still at the editor’s. I have been reassured that it will be ready for publication for RI ComicCon. Good thing I have a beta reader’s response here. My goal is to do some of that fixing over this week.

Grimaulkin is going along smashingly, with 26K of perfectly beautiful flowing words that just won’t stop. However, I’m having issues with the mystery portion of this story. Grim’s involved with the cops, and I don’t have the nerve to go up to the cops and say, “I’m, um, writing a novel, and, um, I’m just wondering what, um, procedures you do when you find a dead body somewhere? And how do you investigate?” I’d have to put together some questions and interview a detective.

I know how I want the “epic battle” to be, though I have to add a few things to make it more “epic”, and I’m wondering whether I should make that the end, or the wedding the end. The wedding will bookend the story, and possibly hook a book two. If I keep going like this, I’ll have it done by the end of this month definitely. I have to do some serious editing. I first had it take place in Boston, but then I realized that having it take place in Rhode Island might be a neat selling point for the locals.

Meanwhile, Casey and the Blue Lady is still kind of bubbling on the back burner, though I haven’t done very much prep for that book once Grim showed up. I might skip the whole NaNo thing and, if I can get Grim done in a month, I’ll put that in as NaNo. Hey, it’s 30 days, right?

I’m going to order a mic and get a podcast going. Probably next month.

Book review:

Run, don’t walk, and pick up Syd Field’s Screenplay. It’s amazing, simple, and has everything you need to write a screenplay. But not just that, it goes into how to write a story! I’m in the middle of it now, and I am just amazed at what films he chooses for illustrations (I haven’t seen some of the classics, but I will!). It will hopefully be a help with me and Grimaulkin (two stories at the same time and trying to balance both).

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